Wednesday, October 12, 2005

PanAmSat's Galaxy 15 Launches with HDTV and L-band Capabilities

The third of PanAmSat's next-generation satellites, the Galaxy 15, was successfully launched by an Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana.

Galaxy 15 carries 24 C-band transponders and two L-band transponders that will allow PanAmSat to expand its HDTV and video distribution for its key cable programmers as well as to drive new government-related business.

Through its high-power C-band payload, Galaxy 15 will deliver video programming for America's premier television programmers. The L-band payload will provide navigation signals to in-flight aircraft as part of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Geostationary Communications and Control Segment (GCCS), an initiative being developed by Lockheed Martin.

Galaxy 15 was built and custom-designed for PanAmSat by Orbital Sciences Corporation.

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