Monday, October 17, 2005

Net Optics Introduces 10 Gbps Taps

Net Optics introduced a series of regeneration taps designed for 10 Gbps networks and monitoring devices. Net Optics 10 GigaBit In-Line and Span Regeneration Taps allow multiple devices to simultaneously monitor the same network link or Span port. Regeneration Taps make better use of network monitoring devices by eliminating contention for secure access points. Net Optics 10 GigaBit Regeneration Taps support passive deployment of two, four, or eight intrusion detection and prevention systems, protocol analyzers, RMON probes, and other key devices.

Net Optics said its 10 GigaBit In-Line Regeneration Tap offers 100% traffic visibility on any network link without requiring an IP address. Attached monitoring devices remain isolated from the network and are protected from attacks. The 10 GigaBit Span Regeneration Tap connects monitoring devices to any two network switch Span ports, enabling independent monitoring of each Span port.

Net Optics also announced a network tap designed for 10 GigaBit networks that provides passive access to singlemode LR links for multimode SR devices. The 10 GigaBit LR to SR Converter Tap simplifies the connection of multimode SR security and monitoring devices to long-haul singlemode LR links by combining media conversion and Tap technology into a single device. With the 10 GigaBit LR to SR Converter Tap there is no need for additional media converters or interface cards. The Tap comes with all the network and monitor cables needed for quick installation.