Sunday, October 23, 2005

MetaSwitch Debuts Compact Media/Signaling Gateway and Integrated Softswitch

MetaSwitch introduced a small form-factor, full-feature softswitch, media gateway and signaling gateway designed for end office deployments in the large distributed networks of regional and national carriers.

Based on a common small form-factor chassis, the MetaSwitch VP2510 integrated softswitch, MG2510 media gateway and SG2510 signaling gateway deliver the same carrier class reliability and scalable performance as the widely-deployed MetaSwitch VP3510, MG3510 and SG3510. The new products share an identical architecture to the larger 3510-based systems, offering the same protocol support while increasing rack space efficiency by up to 40%. The hardware architecture features a passive midplane with dual-star compact packet-switched bus. There are 1:1 redundant processors, N:1 redundant interface cards, redundant power supplies, fans and disks; all of which are hot-swappable.

The softswitch's compact design enables carriers to serve up to 15,000 lines. It handles from 384 to 2,304 concurrent calls per chassis, depending on configuration. The softswitch supports VoIP (SIP, MGCP, H.248, SIP-T), VoATM (BLES), VoCable (PacketCable 1.0) and Legacy POTS (GR-303 for DLCs and VoIP/VoATM for Next Generation Broadband Loop Carriers).

The fully-redundant media gateway scales down to enable carriers to deploy trunking closer to the subscriber. Transport options include RTP (VoIP), AAL2/AAL5 (VoATM), or DS1/DS3 (TDM). It supports the same lawful intercept / CALEA capabilities of MetaSwitch's larger platform, including on-board interception of call details and content compliant with TIA J-STD-025A.

The signaling gateway supports IP and SS7.

Metaswitch said its design would ease the migration to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks. The MG2510 and SG2510 implement the media and signaling gateway (MGW/SGW) functions of the IMS architecture, under control of the media gateway control function (MGCF) using H.248 and SIGTRAN protocols. The design conform to the Multiservice Forum (MSF) Release 2 Architecture.

Metaswitch noted that 80% of Class 5 switches in North America today have fewer than 10,000 lines, positioning the new VP2510 as a cost-effective replacement for this large installed base.

"With this new product range, we are responding to the clear market demand for a smaller footprint switching platform with the full breadth of features and the carrier class reliability that customers have come to expect," said Andy Randall, vice president of marketing at MetaSwitch.

The MetaSwitch VP2510, MG2510 and SG2510 are scheduled for simultaneous release in the fourth quarter of 2005. Pricing varies by configuration.

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