Thursday, October 27, 2005

MCI Enhances its International Private IP Service

MCI's MPLS-based Private IP service is now available directly from MCI in Kuwait, South Africa, and Turkey and through additional partner agreements in Brazil, China, India and Mexico. Additionally, the service now features Ethernet Access in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK; and adds access via MCI's IP network across Europe, as well as new application awareness features and WAN analysis reporting.

Ethernet Access into the MCI MPLS network gives customers additional access flexibility and the adaptability to undertake easier upgrades and downgrades. The availability of MCI's Private IP Network Gateway across Europe enables customers to connect to MCI's Private IP network using public IP access via dedicated access or DSL. Private IP Network Gateway leverages MCI's points of presence in more than 2800 cities globally, providing an entry level solution for remote customer sites.

A new VRF Lite (VPN Routing & Forwarding) feature allows for multiple VPN routing and forwarding features on a single edge router enabling customers to cost effectively segment their network, making provisioning and network management easier compared to a multiple customer edge router solution. MCI is also introducing a managed voice interface card for customers who want to move to a converged network at their own pace. Alternatively, MCI Advantage is available for customers that are ready to expand to a fully converged environment for both internal and external calls supported by voice specific SLAs and additional IP features.

Finally, MCI has begun offering WAN Analysis Reporting powered by Concord, which helps identify network degrading conditions and proactively plan for network capacity.

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