Tuesday, October 18, 2005

KyLinTV Stores 15,000 hours of IPTV with PrimeVault

KyLinTV, which recently launched a subscription Web-service delivering Chinese broadcast TV channels and VOD, selected FalconStor Software's PrimeVault facility to manage its content. KyLinTV is hosting more than 15,000 hours of broadcast TV and VOD programming. The company is also adding about 1 terabyte of entertainment content per month.

PrimeVault's high availability network storage infrastructure is powered by FalconStor's IPStor software. PrimeVault is equipped for data protection and resiliency from both a software and hardware perspective. The company said its PrimeVault facility includes multiple security layers, dual power grids and three 1.1 megawatt emergency generators, providing sufficient backup power to keep facilities operational at maximum load, with a smooth transition to back-up power.

PrimeVault resides in 50,000 sq ft of space in Melville, New York.

  • In September, KyLinTV launched a service poised to bring the best of Chinese broadcast TV channels and VOD via web-based subscription. KyLinTV delivers broadcast channels from China's CCTV, as well as movies, to a set-top box using its own video codec. Subscribers receive more than 300 hours of new content every week including the Top 10 movies and TV dramas from China for a $15 monthly fee. VOD titles are extra. The set-top box is free.


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