Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Intel Releases Host Media Processing Software

Intel released its "NetStructure" Host Media Processing Software Release 1.5 for Linux, supporting up to 120 channels of video for services such as video mail, video color ring back, video caller ID and video portals.

Intel is also releasing a reference design for a Converged Application Platform for the Distributed Enterprise. This design, using processors and host media processing from Intel, allows for the integration of separate pieces of network equipment (routers, VPN/firewalls, switches, and PBXs) into one device.

Intel is also using its host media processing technology to address enterprises VoIP. The Intel "NetStructure" Host Media Processing Software Release 2.0 for Windows and the Intel "NetStructure" Digital Network Interface Boards can be used in solutions for hybrid TDM and IP networks.

Intel noted that is piloting the hybrid VoIP solution at its Parsippany, N.J. site. When the entire New Jersey site is fully IP-enabled, Intel estimates that MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes) costs will be reduced by 72% and floor space for equipment racks will decrease by approximately 89%. The capabilities of Intel's Parsippany VoIP installation include unified messaging, presence, click-to-call, ad-hoc click-to-conference and follow-me call routing.

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