Monday, October 24, 2005

InfiniRoute's VoIP Direct Enables Peering to Emerging Markets

InfiniRoute Networks introduced a "VoIP Direct" managed VoIP peering service that PSTN-quality connections to carriers in emerging global markets, including such high-growth regions as Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Eastern Europe. The service enables "virtual bilateral" interconnections via a VoIP peering network that are equivalent to existing one-to-one bilateral agreements.

InfiniRoute VoIP Direct provides transparent VoIP peering via a single aggregated connection that establishes a VoIP peering community and facilitates direct interconnections to high-growth traffic regions worldwide. The direct connection reduces the number of call handoffs and improves quality compared with other peering and 'gray route' providers, which hand off calls across multiple networks. InfiniRoute leverages its own Routing and VoIP Optimization Engines, which continually monitor latency and traffic congestion along Internet routes to ensure that its VoIP traffic is equal to or better than the existing PSTN.

InfiniRoute said the Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Answer Bid Ratio (ABR) of its VoIP Direct are comparable to the ASR and ABR of PSTN voice services. Many wholesale VoIP interconnection services typically have an ASR of less than 40% and an ABR of less than 30%. Better call quality translates into longer calls. Longer calls generate more revenue for carriers.

InfiniRoute VoIP Direct's managed inter-working capabilities eliminate protocol and standards conflicts, enabling full pass-through of services. Carrier subscribers with mobile phones, for example, can thus access features such as voice mail no matter where they are. Full service pass-through also provides another opportunity for Tier I carriers to increase revenues by offering a new service to subscribers who travel internationally.

InfiniRoute's VoIP Direct managed service is available now. Service offerings range from eight T1 or E1 ports up to multiple DS-3 connections in North America and E-3 connections in Europe.