Monday, October 10, 2005

Global Crossing Gains Mexico License to Sell International and LD Voice

The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation has granted Global Crossing an amendment to its public telecommunications network concession, allowing it to provide voice services in Mexico. The company will now be permitted to sell voice services directly to Mexican-based businesses and carriers. The new services will enhance Global Crossing's portfolio of products for new and existing customers in the country. Global Crossing has been providing data services in Mexico since 1999.

  • In February 2005, Global Crossing announced that would provide international IP connectivity to interconnect the Telmex Group's operations in South America, Mexico and the United States, including its recently acquired assets in the region -- Embratel, AT&T Latin America, Metrored Argentina, Techtel and Chilesat, among others. Financial terms were not disclosed. Last year, Global Crossing and Telmex de Mexico signed a commercial agreement for bilateral voice interconnection, which allows Global Crossing to send traffic to Mexico and Telmex to transport long-distance voice traffic to the United States. Telmex has been Global Crossing's primary local access provider for data services in Mexico since 2001.