Sunday, October 2, 2005

Far EasTone Deploys Agilent's Service Assurance

Far EasTone Telecommunications, a leading Taiwan wireless service provider, has deployed Agilent Technologies' network and service assurance solutions to manage the quality of its mobile data services. The fault management and active testing solution has enabled FET to proactively manage its GSM and GPRS services now, and add management for UMTS services as they are deployed.

FET's new, Agilent-based service operations support system (OSS) tests wireless services such as WAP, MMS, IVR and SMS before and after services are launched to ensure high QoS and a positive customer experience. The OSS combines the Agilent OSS Wireless QoS Manager and Fault Manager, so FET can simulate subscriber use and, if there are problems, drill down into the network data to find a root cause. This helps the service provider detect and correct problems quickly, minimizing impact to subscribers and ensuring billable services are up and running.

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