Thursday, October 13, 2005

D-Link to Use Pure's "Network Magic" software

D-Link will incorporate Pure Network's Network Magic software on its Wireless Networking solutions for quick and simple home network configuration and maintenance. Available nationwide, Pure's software is bundled with currently shipping D-Link Air G and Xtreme G wireless routers, including the new D-Link Xtreme G with MIMO 2XR Wireless Router.

Pure's Network Magic software resides on each computer within a home network, connecting and unifying the many different PCs, routers, gateways, and networked devices into a seamless home network. To manage and repair the home network, Network Magic shows a visual Network Map of all computers and devices on the home network, making it easy for the average PC user to understand and run his or her own home network. When installed, Network Magic automatically configures a Windows 98 and above PC to access and share with others. A "Repair" button and the Network Map help to eliminate a common frustration of broken internet connections by allowing anyone to fix the Internet connection or their home network when trouble occurs.

Pure Networks is also introducing a Net2Go service that gives users remote access to the shared files on all PCs in their home from any web browser. Users get an encrypted password and can also upload to their home networks. In addition, users can remotely view the online status of all the PCs in their home network. With its dynamic DNS service, Net2Go also acts as a personal home web server.

A new Dynamic File Directory Service Dynamic File Directory Service: Using SmartShare, Network Magic 2.0 automatically creates a dynamic easy-to-use central directory of all shared files on the network and instantly updates it and notifies other users on the home network when new folders are added. Using the Dynamic File Directory, users can access shared files on any PC in the home without needing to know the location or remember complicated UNC paths.

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