Thursday, October 27, 2005

CloudShield Raises $10 Million for Deep Packet Inspection Platform

CloudShield Technologies, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, raised $$10 Million in additional funding for its multigigabit, open network services platform for security, VoIP, and traffic management applications.

CloudShield's CS-2000 platform is designed to help service providers develop custom packet processing applications for emerging content-based services. The company also sees an opportunity with federal government agencies that need to harden their network security.

The additional funding came from current investors TPG Ventures, ComVentures, Foundation Capital, and Paladin Capital all participating.

In September 2004, CloudShield delivered its third generation packet processing platform, the CS-2000, offering up to 5 gigabits of throughput and high-speed WAN interfaces in a 2RU chassis. CloudShield now has over 30 network applications either available or in development by solutions providers, systems integrators, and end users. These applications include VoIP processing and security, Denial of Service Mitigation services, and a Multi-level Security Guard.

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