Thursday, October 13, 2005

BT and Yahoo! Extend Partnership, Eye 8 Mbps Services

BT and Yahoo! announced a deepening of their relationship and four tiers of broadband packages. The said it decided to forge deeper links with Yahoo! and enhance the features available across the packages in order to offer customers better value. This has resulted in a long-term extension of the strategic partnership between the two companies with BT naming Yahoo! as one of its key global strategic partners.

Each of the four broadband tiers features premium Yahoo! broadband service, enhanced security features and the option of cheap internet telephony. The packages will come into effect from October 24. Prices range from £17.99 a month (up to 2 Mbps download and 2 GB usage guideline) to £29.99 (up to 2 Mbps download and 40 GB monthly usage guideline).

Previously, the premium Yahoo! Broadband experience was available only on BT's most expensive broadband packages.

Separately, BT Wholesale announced the next trial phase for its ADSL broadband Max service, delivering up to 8 Mbps downstream. Following successful technical trials of the service in London and the Strathclyde region of Scotland, the wider market trial phase will include an initial 25 exchanges, rising to 53 exchanges as the trial progresses. Depending on the successful progress of the trial, BT aims to extend the availability of the trial to up to 150,000 end users, which could see additional trial exchanges enabled for higher speed broadband. The market trial will apply to BT Wholesale's BT Datastream service and BT IPstream service, provided the customer is on either capacity or usage based charging.

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