Tuesday, October 25, 2005

BelAir Unveils Wi-Fi Mesh System for MSOs and Cable Operators

BelAir Networks announced two new carrier-grade wireless mesh products that enable Multiple System Operators (MSOs) and cable operators to deploy wireless mesh nodes directly on their existing wired network.

The new BelAir50s and BelAir100s can be installed anywhere in existing cable networks allowing MSOs and cable operators to use their existing cable plant to deploy Wi-Fi networks for municipal and city-wide networks. These single- and dual-radio mesh nodes are strand-mounted, plant-powered and offer a DOCSIS 2.0 interface.

The BelAir50s is a single-radio, wireless mesh node that leverages BelAir's rugged outdoor design. Each BelAir50s includes an 802.11g access radio module that supports Wi-Fi client access and wireless backhaul in the 2.4 GHz band. The BelAir50s offer automatic discovery of other mesh nodes, multiple SSID and VLAN support. The product has an external omni-directional antenna, battery backup and supports a DOCSIS, copper, or fiber interface.

The BelAir100s is a two-radio, wireless mesh switch that includes all of the capabilities of the BelAir50s and more. It adds a 5 GHz backhaul radio module that supports a shared mesh or forms dedicated point-to-point links to other mesh switches. The BelAir100s can be configured with two backhaul radio modules and offers high gain directional or omni-directional antennas.

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