Monday, October 3, 2005

ARM Announces its Most Powerful Mobile Processor to Date

ARM announced its most powerful processor yet for consumer and low-power mobile devices, enabling the delivery of higher levels of entertainment and innovation to end users.

The new ARM Cortex-A8 processor delivers up to 2,000 DMIPS, sufficient for running multi-channel video, audio, and gaming applications. The device uses less than 300 mW in 65nm technology. The design includes the first implementation of the "NEON" signal processing extensions to accelerate media codecs such as H.264 and MP3. The Cortex-A8 processor also includes Jazelle-RCT Java acceleration technology to optimize Just In Time (JIT) and Dynamic Adaptive Compilation (DAC), and reduces memory footprint by up to three times. Additionally, the new processor features TrustZone technology for secure transactions and Digital Rights Management (DRM), and IEM capability for low power.

ARM has already secured five licensees for the Cortex-A8 processor, including Freescale, Matsushita, Samsung and Texas Instruments, and future support from major EDA and Operating System vendors.

TI said it intends to use the Cortex-A8 processor across a range of next-generation, ultra-low power 3G modems and high-performance, OMAP application processors manufactured in 65nm processes and enhanced by TI's SmartReflex power and performance management technologies and M-Shield security solution.

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