Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Alcatel Debuts 7250 Ethernet Access Switch

introduced a carrier-class, customer-located Ethernet access
switch designed for enterprise services. The new Alcatel 7250
Service Access Switch is a customer-edge device that complements
the Alcatel 7450 Ethernet Services Switch (ESS) at the service
edge and the Alcatel 7750 Service Router at the metro core,
enabling Ethernet, Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) and MPLS
services to be extended to the customer premise from the network

Alcatel's end-to-end OAM (operations, administration, and
management) tools will extend from the 7750 Service Router
through the 7450 ESS and now to the customer premise 7250 SAS. 

Alcatel is also adding non-stop routing and non-stop service
capabilities to the 7450 Ethernet Services Switch (ESS), making
high availability SLAs possible for carrier Ethernet services
and bringing them up to par with Frame Relay and ATM services.

Key features of the new Alcatel 7250 SAS  include:

  • available in a compact, modular chassis (1 RU)
  • interface options include GigE, 100Base-FX, and 100Base-T
  • hot-swappable uplink modules include GigE and SONET/SDH
  • supports circuit emulation with a DS1/E1 access module,
    enabling Ethernet services to carry legacy voice as well as
  • uses an advanced scheduling mechanism to implement service
    hierarchies to provide maximum isolation and fairness
    between various services and applications.


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