Monday, October 3, 2005

Alcatel 1850 Transport Switch Mixes Ethernet, TDM and WDM

Alcatel launched a new metro networking solution that offers flexible mix of Ethernet, TDM and WDM switching in a single platform.

The new Alcatel 1850 TSS can be used to aggregate, switch and transport any combination of Ethernet/MPLS/RPR, SDH/SONET and WDM services. At the heart of the platform is a new "Universal Switch" technology developed by Alcatel, which enables a single matrix to switch any service type. Service specific line cards can be added as they are needed, making investments linear over time and enabling 1850 TSS configurations from 100% circuit to 100% packet, or anything in between. The Alcatel 1850 TSS is initially available in 40 Gbps and 320 Gbps chassis sizes.

Alcatel estimates CAPEX savings of more than 30% and OPEX savings of more than 40%, compared to the alternative architectures based on separate platforms.

Telecom Italia is testing the Alcatel 1850 TSS in a live network for IPTV service delivery in a major Italian city.

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