Sunday, October 23, 2005

Agilent Introduces First VoIP Call-Trace Signaling Analyzer

Agilent Technologies introduced a VoIP call trace signaling analyzer that can identify signaling problems end-to-end across multiple voice technologies such as VoIP over broadband, legacy SS7, 2G, 2.5G or 3G mobile networks.

The Agilent J7844A signaling analyzer VoIP can automatically detect, capture and trace call signaling across multiple points in a network and across multiple telephony networks and technologies, such as for a call that originates from the PSTN and terminates on a 3G mobile phone.

A call initiated by a customer today could originate from the PSTN and terminate on a 3G mobile phone. A call like this can be expected to traverse SS7, through a VoIP network via IMS, prior to reaching the UMTS network.

Agilent said its solution can troubleshoot signaling problems during any leg of the call. The real-time call trace provided key statistics and performance indicators. It also provides the ability to run on the very successful Agilent distributed network analyzer (DNA), DNA PRO and DNA MX platforms to leverage the same hardware used for data analysis.

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