Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Zarlink Releases Timing-over-Packet Devices

Zarlink introduced its new generation of ToP (Timing-over-Packet) devices specifically designed to transmit timing and synchronization over asynchronous packet switched networks. The devices can be integrated into equipment such as xPON platforms, broadband-DLC (digital loop carriers) and wireless infrastructure gear, to provide synchronization over a packet network.

Traditionally, wireless network synchronization between base station controllers and base stations relied on a T1/E1 synchronization and a standard PLL (phase-locked loop). As wireless operators move to a packet backhaul approach, synchronization will be achieved using alternative mechanisms.

One method has been to deploy GPS receivers and oscillators to synchronize network traffic. However, this approach adds capital and operating expense costs.

Zarlink said its ToP technology allows wireless operators to eliminate T1/E1 interfaces while at the same time achieving better than the G.823/G.824 standard for MTIE (maximum time interval error) and frequency accuracy.

The ToP technology uses a processing engine developed for Zarlink's CESoP (Circuit Emulation Services over Packet) family of devices.
The ToP technology encodes a PRS (primary reference source) clock at the "master" node and subsequently transmits this clock over the packet network within a specific packet connection. The "client" node then recovers the clock through the use of complex algorithms employing a number of field-proven techniques.

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