Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Vitesse Introduces Photodiodes for Ethernet and FTTx

Vitesse Semiconductor announced a new line of photodiode products aimed at Ethernet, multi-rate Fibre Channel and FTTx applications. The first two products in the family, the VSC7750 and VSC7780, are designed for use in the optical receiver side of both the Small Form Factor (SFF) and its pluggable counterpart (SFP).

Both devices are manufactured using repeatable fabrication techniques. These include the use of large 4-inch wafers as well as other proven high-volume manufacturing methods to realize unrivaled economies of scale and high device yields. These advancements produce up to four times as many devices per wafer as compared to the two-inch wafer size commonly used for optical devices today. Higher device yields equal lower costs and direct savings to the customer.