Tuesday, September 27, 2005

VeriSign Launches SMS Alert Service for Wireless Carriers

VeriSign introduced a Mobile Alerts Service that helps wireless carriers deliver tailored mobile content to mobile devices using a Short Messaging Service (SMS).

The VeriSign Mobile Alerts Service is a managed service that provides subscribers with up-to-date information about weather, news, sport scores, stock quotes and horoscopes. This premium content is delivered to mobile devices via a text message, sent out upon a customer's request when information is updated or at regularly timed intervals. The service is part of the company's Mobile Messaging Platform (MMP), which provides carriers with a single, secure architecture to deliver enterprise-wide messaging and interactions and efficiently handles diverse wireless technology and carrier integration. The platform features content and applications that enable businesses and consumers to conduct transactions and communicate using different devices and platforms.

The first premium content provider contributing alerts is WeatherBug, the leading provider of weather information services in the United States, and the first service customer is Midwest Wireless, which offers weather alerts as part of a mobile alerts service that includes stocks, sports, news and horoscopes for $3.95 a month.

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