Monday, September 26, 2005

Telcordia Introduces its "Maestro" IMS Portfolio

Telcordia introduced its "Maestro" IMS portfolio of wireless, wireline and converged products, services and applications designed to enable carriers to offer "any service, over any network, via any device."

Telcordia describes its Maestro IMS portfolio as a major initiative to help operators fully exploit the emerging capabilities of the IMS architecture and the wide interest and deployment of service delivery environments.

Using its "Elementive" open product strategy, Telcordia said it provides an IMS-compliant and ready-to-deploy portfolio that incorporates its access independence, strong knowledge of OSS systems integration, and exceptional reliability and flexibility in service platforms.

The Maestro portfolio includes new and upgrades of existing products, complemented by Telcordia's professional services capabilities to enable operators to develop and launch converged services at their own pace.

Telcordia Maestro portfolio products, including the Telcordia Converged Application Server and Telcordia Converged Real-Time Charging, are already deployed globally at Oi, Telus, Swisscom, Tata Teleservices and Virgin Mobile USA, among others.

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