Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SupportSoft Introduces "ServiceVerify" for VoIP Installation

SupportSoft announced the release of its new "ServiceVerify" software for the service verification of VoIP. SupportSoft ServiceVerify can automatically validate the installation of a customer's VoIP service and assist in diagnosing problems -- whether within the provider's network or at the customer premises. Key features in new SupportSoft ServiceVerify for VoIP include:

  • VoIP-Specific "SmartIssue", which enables a simple, template-based way to encapsulate network best practices for VoIP service. SupportSoft SmartIssue technology provides the flexibility to define key criteria for measurement, such as required tests, appropriate pass/fail thresholds, workflow and content for problem diagnosis and resolution.

  • Guided Problem Resolution based on real-time data gathering contrasted with industry best practices that can be customized to help contact centers and field technicians to more efficiently solve -- or proactively address, common and complex problems related to VoIP service.

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