Thursday, September 8, 2005

ST Implements Secure Video Processor (SVP) in MPEG2 Decoders

STMicroelectronics announced its first silicon devices to implement Secure Video Processor (SVP) technology, the next generation open specification for the protection of digital video content.

SVP technology is a hardware-based security scheme designed to protect the digital content rather than the physical link between devices. It is a low cost, future-proof solution that can be used alongside existing Conditional Access and DRM systems; content usage rights, which govern copying and redistribution, are encrypted together with the content and use different interface protocols to travel between SVP-enabled devices in a multimedia system. The SVP specification is maintained and promoted by the SVP Alliance, which is currently supported by more than 20 leading media and technology companies, and of which ST is one of the founder members.

ST's STB5525 STB decoder -- which is also the company's first single-chip solution to support dual TV and dual DVR (Digital Video Recorder) requirements in standard definition STBs -- and the STB5524 -- which targets the growing DVR market -- are intended for use across satellite, cable and terrestrial TV services. Both devices offer a glue-less interface to ST's range of demodulator chips. They include a low cost SATA interface for connecting hard disk and recordable DVD drives, plus two 480 Mbps USB2 ports for home networking and for the simple addition of peripherals.