Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Skype Opens Marketplace for Voice Services

Skype launched a Voice Services Program for third party content providers.

Skype is partnering with Tellme Networks, Voxeo and Voxpilot to enable content providers to become a part of Skype's new marketplace for either free or chargeable voice services.

Skype callers will pay for chargeable voice services from their Skype Credit account with a percentage of the fee going to the content provider who created the service. Content providers' voice services will be reviewed and the most popular will be deployed and listed on the Skype website.

Examples of voice services Skype callers could benefit from include live traffic reports, horoscope of the day, language learning tools, or international delivery tracking systems, available for free or for a charge to the caller.

"Skype has driven a revolution in personal communications by popularizing free Internet phone calls. We are committed to opening the endless possibilities for voice by creating a marketplace for our thriving ecosystem of partners and developers to make it easy for their innovative services to be available to our millions of callers worldwide," said Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and Co-founder of Skype.

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