Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Siemens Presents "Mobile TV Streaming"

Siemens Communications is introducing a "Mobile TV Streaming" solution designed to work with DVB-H broadcasts. Siemens said its streaming solution will enable mobile users to switch TV channels in seconds. The streaming technology also offers time-shifted television as well as selected movies and video sequences, similar to a DVD player. The streaming content is stored on a server. Both live transmissions and video on demand are possible.

Siemens said streaming and DVB-H are complementary, which means that the Siemens Media Delivery Solution will develop into a dual platform that supports both technologies. The company expects that mobile phones will be available that can receive both streaming and DVB-H in addition to telephones that are limited to one or the other.

"The combination of DVB-H and streaming via mobile radio will show us all television from a new angle: With a combo device we will have the freedom, for example, to watch movies at specific times or on demand. A football fan, can watch an international match from anywhere on the move over DVB-H, even while away on business. If he wants to savor the goals again, he can have them streamed to his mobile phone via UMTS," said Christoph Caselitz , President of Mobile Networks at Siemens Communications.

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