Sunday, September 18, 2005

Riverstone Releases Two New Carrier Ethernet Access Routers

Riverstone Networks introduced two new Carrier Ethernet Access Routers in its Riverstone 15000 product line.

The Riverstone 15100 and the 10 Gig-E Riverstone 15200 extend the feature set of the 15008 Ethernet Edge Router into the access layer, providing MPLS from the core to the network edge. Riverstone said the introduction of these routers fulfills the market's previously unaddressed need for a compact, low-cost, fully-featured platform that extends the benefits of VPLS as close to the service-users as possible.

Like the 15008, the newest members of the 15000 family are equipped with a modular operating system to reduce router software outages and reboots, and MPLS traffic engineering capabilities.

The 15100 provides an Ethernet-optimized alternative to Riverstone's multi-service oriented RS 1100 and 3100. It supports up to 20 triple-speed copper or fiber downlinks, and four Gig-E uplinks.

The 15200 extends this by supporting dual 10 Gig-E uplinks. Both of the new access routers support VPLS, RFC-2547 MPLS-VPNs, and Layer 3 routing protocols including BGP, OSPF, multicast, and IS-IS. Combined with line-rate IPv6, multi-layer OAM and Hierarchical QoS, they play a key role in supporting converged business and residential services, as well as VoIP and 3G wireless infrastructure deployments.

Like the RS family of routers, the expanded Riverstone 15000 product line uses the Riverstone Management Center framework to deliver end-to-end OSS, including device configuration, inventory management, and performance and fault data collection.


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