Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Path 1 Introduces New Monitoring Applications for IP Video

Path 1 Network Technologies introduced an IP video monitoring application designed for detecting problems with the video streams intrinsic during transport over packet-based networks. The application works with the company's Path 1 Vx8000 IP video gateway to detect and correct errors such as IP network jitter, packet loss, excessive latency, out-of-order packets and other visible disruptions that impair the performance of the video service and adversely affect the viewer experience. Upon pinpointing the origin and type of error, Path 1's IP video gateways can be used to apply Pro-MPEG Code of Practice (COP 3) standards-compliant techniques for forward error correction (FEC) to rectify problems and preserve the quality of the video signal.

Path 1 said it plans to introduce several monitoring and video quality assurance solutions this year. http://www.path1.net

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