Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Nortel Launches SIP-enabled DMS-10 platform

Nortel has launched a SIP-enabled DMS-10 platform for delivering residential VoIP to the rural North American market.

Nortel's rural VoIP solution gives DMS-10 subscribers the option to use traditional or VoIP primary phone service and allows users to add cost-effective secondary VoIP lines. Subscribers can also take advantage of VoIP mobility capabilities and the DMS-10 web portal, which allows users to modify call features and call routing.

In the initial release, the DMS-10 will support SIP signaling to Terminal adaptors, Ethernet sets, and PC clients. In a hybrid TDM/VoIP configuration, a DMS-10 will support current TDM peripherals as well as SIP gateways devices. Nortel plans subsequent support of trunk media gateways.

To support VoIP networking, a new DMS-10 network component, the Packet Gateway Interface will be introduced. Softswitch capability is enabled on the DMS-10 with the addition of the DMS-10 600 Series software and deployment of the Packet Gateway Interface. The Packet Gateway Interface will route H.248 call control out to media gateways on the IP network and set up VoIP calls so the voice bearer paths between media gateways only traverse the IP network. In a hybrid configuration, the Packet Gateway Interface will also provide voice bearer path interworking between peripherals on the DMS-10's TDM network and H.248 media gateways. Nortel said this Packet Gateway Interface will enable service providers to better manage network growth while maximizing investment in current DMS-10 facilities.

The DMS-10 with softswitch functionality is being positioned as an upgrade path for smaller networks. For medium to large DMS-10 networks, Nortel said it may be more advantageous, both from capital expenditure reduction and feature enhancement standpoints, to collapse multiple DMS-10 offices onto line and trunk gateways controlled by a centralized Communication Server 2000 or Communication Server 2000--Compact Superclass softswitch.

Nortel said more than 75 service providers are already scheduled to deploy Nortel's rural VoIP enabled solution this year with volume shipments planned for October 2005.

  • The Nortel DMS-10 switch supports up to 20,000 lines.