Monday, September 12, 2005

Netcentrex Adds Video to IMS-Compliant Media Server

Netcentrex announced a new release of its MCS IP Media Server, providing advanced voice and video capabilities and serving as an MRF (Media Resource Function) in Netcentrex' IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture.

The enhanced Netcentrex MCS v6 adds video media processing capabilities, making video accessible from all types of devices, such as fixed video phones, 3G mobile video phones, and PC-based video clients. Video applications available on the MCS IP Media Server include video mail and Netcentrex' Video Service Broker.

Netcentrex said a major European incumbent operator is already using its Video Service Broker to provide a single, automated access method to a variety of content and services for video users from both fixed and mobile networks.

The new version of the MCS IP Media Server has been validated on an AdvancedTCA bladed server running Intel Xeon processors.

  • The Netcentrex MCS IP Media Server can provide pre-integrated media applications within existing Netcentrex solutions. When used as part of the company's "MyCall" Residential Services Suite or Business Services Suite, the MCS provide services such as voice & video messaging, announcements, IVR, prepaid services, multi-party conferencing and video mail to residential and business users. In this case, the MCS is packaged as an application server with an embedded MRF (Media Resource Function), connected to the Netcentrex CCS softswitch or S-CSCF (Serving Call Session Control Function).

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