Sunday, September 4, 2005

NDS and Partners offer IP-based VOD for Satellite Broadcasters

NDS, Blockbuster Digital Entertainment, set-top box (STB) supplier ADB and VOD solutions provider Bitband are showcasing an end-to-end platform for broadcast operators to support the secure delivery of thousands of hours of content on-demand over integrated broadcast/IP set-tops.

The new "xSpace" is a VOD solution designed for broadcast operators deploying hybrid STBs with broadband connectivity. It features the Blockbuster-branded on-demand portal and premium content integrated into the operator's electronic program guide (EPG) and back office systems. NDS's VideoGuard conditional access system provides the security and the business packaging of on-demand content and, utilizing XTV-based STBs, enables the recording of IP content to disk.

"The integrated vision of broadcast and IP has a strong value proposition for satellite operators" commented Gadi Tirosh, NDS's VP of Product Marketing, "We are pleased to present, along with our partners, a first-to-market solution that truly addresses the need of pay-TV operators."

YES, Israel's pay-TV satellite operator will be the first operator to deploy a VOD solution based on the xSpace system, anticipated during 2006.

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