Sunday, September 18, 2005

Motorola Debuts WiMAX-compatible 300 Mbps Backhaul

Motorola doubled its MOTOwi4 wireless broadband backhaul portfolio with the addition of three carrier-grade Canopy backhaul products, including a WiMAX compatible point-to-point 300 Mbps solution.

Upgrades to Motorola's Canopy OFDM backhaul series increases range and point-to-point link reliability and performance. In addition, the backhaul portfolio will include new 30 Mbps and 60 Mbps solutions. All three OFDM products operate in near line of sight and non line of sight environments.

The Canopy 5.7 GigaHertz backhaul solutions can interconnect cellular sites, replace leased T1/E1 lines, connect Canopy access point clusters, serve as a backbone for mesh networks or link corporate and institutional campuses and remote sites.

Additionally, Canopy backhaul solutions feature:

  • Dynamic frequency selection, which automatically changes channels to avoid interference and combat link fading without user intervention,

  • Adaptive modulation to ensure maximum throughput optimized for the radio path even as path characteristics change,

  • Built-in security protection via a complex proprietary signal with scrambling applied,

  • Multi-beam space time coding, which transmits two redundant signals spaced in time to bring multi-path signals into phase, resulting in better performance and link availability,

  • Long-range line of sight capabilities that reduce the number of hops.

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