Thursday, September 8, 2005

Microsoft Extends Connected Services Framework for Media Producers

Microsoft is extending the capabilities of its Connected Services Framework for the broadcast and film industries by integrating with business processes, such as scheduling and rights management systems, and dynamically interact with production processes.

At IBC2005, Microsoft and partners demonstrated an enhanced workflow showcasing an end-to-end content management scenario with business management applications collaborating with content creation processes. Microsoft said the integration is achieved using a new Media Order Adapter developed with ScheduALL, Xytech Systems and Technicolor, New Media. The adapter provides a common integration point for business systems and allows project work orders to be generated in industry-recognized software applications such as ScheduALL and Xytech Systems and executed by Connected Services Framework. Providing the dynamic connectivity between the necessary systems, Connected Services Framework automates the workflow, notifying and interacting with session participants, whether they are production systems such as transcoding services, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems and editing tools or human participants needed to generate media assets, provide edits or review content for approval. The exchange of data through Connected Services Framework is bidirectional, allowing business systems to deliver work order parameters, and also to monitor the progress and health of projects, helping ensure that tasks are completed and budgets are maintained in real time.