Monday, September 12, 2005

Metro Ethernet Forum Issues Carrier Ethernet Certifications

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) issued the first group of Carrier Ethernet product certifications to 39 systems from 16 different vendors. The certifications mean that the equipment complies with the MEF's global Carrier Ethernet service definitions. All the products were tested by Iometrix in accordance with it's MEF-approved "Test Plan for Ethernet Services at the UNI" and the certificates state whether they deliver EPL (Ethernet Private Line), EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) and/or E-LAN (Ethernet multipoint-to-multipoint) services compliant with the MEF 9 technical specification for such services.

The MEF expects its Carrier Ethernet Certification Program will have a significant impact on the global uptake of Carrier Ethernet. From the vendors' perspective a single certificate can reduce the time and cost of conformance testing and accelerate the deployment of new systems, while end users can have greater confidence in their Ethernet services' consistency. It will also accelerate service providers to evaluate multiple vendors' equipment, respond to new orders or upgrades and focus on delivering the full benefits of Carrier Ethernet Services.

"The demand for Carrier Ethernet is exploding, and the MEF Certification Program will help the networking industry to meet it" said Eric Puetz, Executive Director Broadband Switching, SBC Laboratories. "Increasing interest in Carrier Ethernet deployment in backhaul networks for Wi-Fi and triple-play services is extending demand far beyond just business applications. As this program continues to certify multiple aspects of Carrier Ethernet as defined by the MEF, it will become even easier to deliver the benefits of Carrier Ethernet, including rapid service creation, smooth scalability to 10Gbps, end-to-end protection, robust service level agreements and flexible support for voice, Internet and multicast traffic".

The first sixteen companies to obtain certification for their respective systems include: Actelis Networks, Alcatel, Atrica, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Fujitsu Network Communications, Hatteras Networks, Lucent Technologies, Metrobility Optical Systems, MRV, Nortel Networks, Riverstone, Siemens, Tellabs, T-pack and World Wide Packets.

is a Great Time for Metro Ethernet!

With continued and
growing industry support, the technology has clearly moved beyond its
origins in local area networks to become a compelling, robust solution for
meeting the service delivery and cost reduction requirements of today's
leading carriers and service providers.

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