Wednesday, September 21, 2005

MergeOptics Announces 10 Gbps Ethernet XPAK Modules

MergeOptics GmbH announced the availability of the XPAK SR and XPAK LR small form factor modules. The new 10 Gbps Ethernet modules are capable of supporting new levels of port density in high volume server-to-switch and storage-to-switch links. Both products are in production and readily available.

The 10Gbps XPAK SR and LR modules follow the multi-source agreement (MSA) for XPAK, which was initially introduced in 2002. The XPAK design is a small form factor, power efficient module that easily integrates into network equipment enabling standards based 10G/bit links. The XPAK SR modules are capable of transmitting over distances up to 82m (50micron) in Multi-mode Fiber (MMF) or up to 300m over new high bandwidth MMF. The XPAK LR module is specifically designed for Single Mode Fiber (SMF) links up to 10Km. The XPAK modules' characteristic small form factor, low profile size makes them fully compatible with PCI card applications such as 10 G/bit Ethernet and 10 G/bit Fibre Channel network interface cards (NICs).


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