Monday, September 19, 2005

MCI Offers Wholesale SIP Termination Service

MCI has added a Carrier IP Termination solution using a SIP interface to its suite of wholesale VoIP offerings. MCI said the SIP-based Carrier IP Termination offering would help wholesale customers save money when terminating IP-originated calls to the PSTN, or when eliminating the need to convert IP traffic to TDM prior to handing traffic off to MCI's global IP network.

The SIP-based product, available on a limited basis in 2005 and more broadly available in the U.S. in Q1 2006, joins MCI's previously announced TDM-based Carrier IP Termination product. Together, these interface products provide wholesale customers with the ability to hand-off traffic using the transport method that best suits their needs.

MCI Wholesale Services also offers SIP Gateway Services, giving wholesale customers more choice and flexibility in meeting their end-user requirements. MCI's SIP Gateway Services are available in three service configurations: Inbound Complete, Two-Way Local and Two-Way Complete.

With all configurations of the SIP Gateway Services, MCI provides the media gateway to the PSTN, local number portability, E-911 (for outbound configurations), directory listings and Web-based order submission.

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