Sunday, September 25, 2005

Law Enforcement Information-Sharing Network Upgrades to Cisco IP

Nlets, the nation's primary interstate law enforcement network, has upgraded from Frame Relay to a standards-based Cisco IP network. With a Cisco router deployed at each of the member agencies, Nlets now performs the required, end-to-end encryption.

Nlets, which interconnects 18,000 local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety agencies, lets authorized users query out-of-state databases for motor-vehicle and driver data, criminal histories, Canadian "hot file" records, U.S. citizenship and immigration services records and aircraft-tracking and registration information. Nlets also routes homeland security messages and Amber alerts of missing children.

The network delivers more than 41 million transmissions per month encrypted end-to-end across the Cisco infrastructure.

Nlets is owned jointly by the 50 U.S. states and territories. In addition, all federal agencies involved in criminal justice and public safety subscribe to the network.

Other benefits of the upgrade include:

  • New agencies can be connected more quickly and easily

  • The network has been made more reliable because local agency staff can quickly install hot-spare Cisco routers that have already been deployed to each agency location.

  • Nlets now supports eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

  • The Nlets administrative staff has adopted a Cisco IP Telephony solution.

Darcomm, a Cisco Gold partner, designed and configured the new Nlets network. Cisco routers, switches and firewalls are deployed at Nlets headquarters in Arizona and at a backup facility in Idaho. A Cisco intrusion prevention system (IPS) helps Nlets protect network resources from unauthorized or malicious activity.

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