Thursday, September 1, 2005

IP Video Quality Alliance Sets Benchmark for IPTV

The IP Video Quality Alliance (IPVQA), a new industry group backed by IIneoQuest Technologies and BridgeTech, has endorsed a Media Delivery Index (MDI) for measuring and monitoring IP-based networks and insuring subscribers the highest quality of experience of Video over IP and IPTV services.

The Alliance said it has solved one of the major issues in successful deployments of video services over IP networks, namely, the ability to rapidly determine the status of the IP network in regards to delivering quality video. MDI gives network service providers a tool for measuring the quality their subscribers are experiencing on the live video streams as they are transported through the network.

Previously service providers used static IP measurements to predict network performance while delivering streaming video content. IP networks however are known for their fluctuations in behavior due to dynamic traffic patterns. Therefore, static measurements has proven unreliable for predicting streaming video quality. However, by measuring MDI values within the IP network service providers for the first time can accurately predict the quality of the video stream being delivered to their customers.

"MDI has two significant benefits to the service providers delivering video services such as IPTV," says Marc Todd, President and CEO of Ineoquest. "First it insures their users of the highest quality video signal which will speed the acceptance of video over IP and IPTV. Secondly it reduces OPEX costs for the service provider by giving them the ability to remotely identify and diagnose problems in the network, often times before a customer sees the problem. This will eliminate the need for costly truck rolls by the service provider to service problems that can be identified from the central office. The endorsement by the IPVQA is a strong indicator of the market's need of MDI."http://www.ipvqa.org

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