Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Harris Demos Military Satellite Antenna at 105 Mbps

Harris Corporation completed multiple field demonstrations of a satellite antenna feed prototype that is capable of supporting selectable antenna polarization for satellite orthogonal transmit and receive operations. The feed prototype achieved user data rates of 105 Mbps -- more than 12 times the current satellite terminal capability -- using a modified, Harris-built Lightweight High Gain X-band Antenna (LHGXA) and a modified AN/TSC-85C terminal operating over the recently launched XTAR-EUR commercial X-band satellite.

"The technologies showcased during the XTAR-EUR demonstrations represent a quantum leap in military satellite communications capabilities for our warfighters," said Dennis Evanchik, LHGXA project manager for the U.S. Army. "Harris' new selectable polarization X-band feed will allow users to gain full access to both the right-hand and left-hand circular polarized XTAR satellite transponders and thereby fully realize the tremendous capabilities of this high-power satellite."

The LHGXA large- aperture antenna, with its 4.9-meter (16-foot) diameter reflector, has the equivalent performance characteristics (e.g., G/T, EIRP) of a 20-foot reflector due to its shaped offset-fed design. More than 125 LHGXAs are currently in the DoD inventory.

  • XTAR-EUR, built by Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), was launched in February 2005 and carries twelve 72 MHz, high-power X-band transponders that provide coverage from Eastern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean, across all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Singapore.

  • XTAR is a new satellite communications company that is jointly owned by Loral Space & Communications, which owns 56%, and HISDESAT, which owns 44%.


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