Sunday, September 25, 2005

Firetide Delivers Multi-Mesh Scalability to 1,000 Nodes

Firetide announced that its HotView Pro Mesh Management Software offers mesh scalability up to 1,000 nodes and the ability to deploy and manage multiple mesh environments. The company also announced The Cloud, Europe's leading Wi-Fi network, and the City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico as beta customers.

Firetide's HotView Pro software provides live monitoring and management of mesh networks and multi-mesh environments for service providers and large enterprise networks. The software's "MeshBridge" feature provides full interoperability between two or more mesh networks operating on different channels or frequencies. MeshBridge connects multiple mesh networks to form a single mesh environment allowing the network to scale to any distance with up to 1,000 mesh nodes.

The Cloud is deploying a Firetide HotPort mesh with HotView Pro in the Town of Bridgend, England. The Cloud provides high speed, secure wireless Internet access for almost 6,000 Hotspot locations across the UK and is opening more than 100 new locations each week.

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