Monday, September 19, 2005

Entone Introduces Mgt System for Libraries of VOD Assets

Entone Technologies introduced its "Armada" asset allocation solution for managing libraries of VOD titles. The system goes beyond static VOD content distribution systems by dynamically and cost-optimally placing video assets in the appropriate location and storage media based on their real-time popularity.

Entone's Armada asset allocation system anticipates that RAM will be the most appropriate storage medium for the most popular, but few video assets in a library. However, the cost of RAM storage is hundreds of times more expensive than other storage options (such as SATA) that are more appropriate for less popular "long tail" content.

Armada distributes assets in real-time to the most optimal storage, server, or network based on real-time usage data. This compares to other video server solutions that typically rely on a static, "best guess" approach to asset placement. Since viewer behavior can't always be predicted, Armada continuously makes adjustments to storage assignments so that every storage device is fully utilized with the right balance of streaming capacity to storage space.

Entone estimates that its Armada system can increase resource efficiency by more than 30%. The system is currently available and is already deployed by Hong Kong's PCCW, Norway's Lyse Tel, and US telco operators Consolidated Communications and Pioneer Long Distance.


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