Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ellacoya VoIP Quality Reporter Deliver Per-Call Reporting

Ellacoya Networks introduced a "VoIP Quality Reporter" software capability that enables its IP Service Control System to monitor VoIP calls on a per-subscriber basis. Service providers could use the system to measure VoIP call quality in real-time for a particular subscriber, CMTS or DSLAM, or network segment.

Ellacoya's IP Service Control System, which consists of its e30 IP switches and Service Logic Software for centralized management, can identify, classify and control VoIP calls on a per-VoIP service provider and individual subscriber basis. It can prioritize specific VoIP calls and apply appropriate QoS to control jitter, latency and packet loss, and guarantee a high quality VoIP call. The VQR complements the Ellacoya system by providing voice quality reports, historically or in real-time, using a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measurement method to rate calls from 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent). The reports are used to identify specific quality problems or quality trends in the network that can then be resolved by the service provider.

The VQR captures latency/jitter, packet loss and Codec information. It collects information from Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) streams and frames, the most accurate means for obtaining latency/jitter and packet loss information end-to-end. The system can be configured to report on specific subscribers, subscriber groups, VoIP service provider, time intervals, upstream/downstream quality and many other parameters. It can even zero in on a specific problem call and troubleshoot in real-time to enhance customer service.

Each Ellacoya e30 switch can track and report up to 10,000 simultaneous calls, while supporting up to 64,000 subscribers for network reporting, bandwidth management and tiered services.

Ellacoya said its system can scale to millions of subscribers by managing hundreds of switches from a central point in the network. The VQR is currently in beta tests at service providers and will be available for general release in November 2005.

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