Tuesday, September 20, 2005

EarthLink Deploys Acme Packet's Session Controllers

EarthLink has deployed Acme Packet's Net-Net session border controllers to support the delivery of its upcoming voice services. These services include EarthLink trueVoice, the next generation of its residential VoIP broadband service. Other services include EarthLink's Vling, now in beta, the next generation of EarthLink's free online calling service that features instant text instant messaging from buddy lists using a personal computer. EarthLink will also roll out EarthLink Line Powered Voice, which will begin market trials in San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas in late 2005.

In support of these voice services, Acme Packet's Net-Net session border controllers provide security services at all protocol layers, including access control, and network topology hiding. To extend service reach, the adaptive NAT traversal feature allows VoIP calls to cross existing data firewalls at the customer premise from a secure network element managed by EarthLink, an important feature for hosted IP services, such as broadband VoIP. Other features being used by EarthLink include QoS management and accounting. http://www.acmepacket.com

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