Thursday, September 15, 2005

Canadian Government Invests $7M in Tundra Semi for RapidIO

Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) will invest $7 million dollars in Ottawa-based Tundra Semiconductor to accelerate the research and development of next-generation RapidIO System Interconnect products.

The RapidIO standard addresses the industry's need for reliability, increased bandwidth, and faster speeds in high-performance intra-system interconnect. Tundra's current product portfolio includes a parallel RapidIO multi- port switch and two serial RapidIO switches. It also offers RapidIO development kits.

The Technology Partnerships Canada investment is repayable on a royalty basis, with the level of repayment being conditional on the success in the marketplace of the technologies supported by the R&D initiatives. Tundra has received two previous investments from TPC.

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