Monday, September 19, 2005

BorderWare Releases SIPassure 2.0 to Secure Network Edge

BorderWare Technologies announced the release of SIPassure 2.0, a turn-key platform that provides network and application layer security for VoIP, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and other SIP-based applications.

Borderware said traditional perimeter firewalls are not designed to secure and manage the dynamic nature of real-time SIP communications leaving enterprises exposed at the application layer. SIPassure 2.0 provides an added layer of security for SIP Proxy Servers, IP-PBX's, and real-time communications systems from market leaders including Cisco Call Manager, Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) 2005, 3Com VCX, Marconi ViPr, Avaya, Nortel and open-source vendors such as Asterisk.

SIPassure goes beyond traditional SIP capable firewalls by securing not only the application and media servers but also securing all users and SIP end-points. It is a secure edge proxy that offers standard features such as NAT traversal, topology hiding, session management, and traditional firewall protection as well as enhanced functionality to protect against SIP-based attacks.

BorderWare is a preferred SIP security technology partner for Marconi and Ubiquity Software Corporation. In addition, SIPassure 2.0 is being trialed in several service provider networks as a key component of their secure VoIP offerings.


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