Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bell Labs and mPhase Reach Magnetometer Milestone

Lucent's Bell Labs and mPhase Technologies have reached a milestone in their joint magnetometer project by creating a prototype un-cooled metal detector. The companies said this prototype is a significant step towards the development of a device that will be theoretically 1,000 times more magnetically sensitive than comparable solutions available on the market today.

Magnetometers detect changes or disturbances in magnetic fields and derive information such as presence, size, location and orientation of objects, such as metal, that have magnetic properties.

mPhase has licensed this magnetometer technology from Bell Labs and is working to commercialize the new class of magnetometers for use as un-cooled ultra-sensitive sensors for a host of possible defense and civilian applications including automated battlefield sensors and integrated compass and direction functionality in handheld devices.

  • In September 2004, mPhase Technologies and Lucent's Bell Labs announced a major milestone for future commercialization of a nanotechnology-based battery. The tests confirm that it is possible to fabricate nanotech-based batteries, which can store and generate electric current. The prototype battery is based on a Bell Labs discovery that liquid droplets of electrolyte will stay in a dormant state atop microscopic structures called "nanograss" until stimulated to flow, thereby triggering a reaction producing electricity. The experiment proved that this super-hydrophobic effect of liquids can permit precise control and activation of the batteries on demand. The companies said future batteries based on this technology have the potential to deliver far longer shelf life and better storage capacity than existing battery technology.

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