Sunday, September 18, 2005

Avaya Acquires Nimcat for SIP Endpoint Software

Avaya has acquired Nimcat Networks, a developer of embedded, peer-to-peer IP communications applications software based in Ottawa, for approximately C$46 million in cash.

Nimcat Networks' IP communications software, currently called nimX, is designed to be embedded within enterprise IP phones. By placing the intelligence in the phone and eliminating additional hardware, such as call processing and application servers, installation is simplified and start-up costs are sharply reduced. Embedding communications intelligence directly in the endpoints rather than the network will enable enterprises to implement streamlined peer-to-peer IP communications quickly and cost-effectively. The nimX plug-and-play SIP software includes the most frequently used telephony features and applications, including voice mail, conferencing and auto-attendant. Each phone has its own software and back up data for other phones, so if one phone fails the others continue to work, providing embedded failover and business continuity.

Avaya said it expects the acquisition to be one cent dilutive in the company's fourth fiscal quarter, primarily related to approximately $3.2 million of in-process research and development costs. Research and development plans include incorporating Nimcat Networks software into Avaya IP telephony offers. This process is expected to take up to 12 months, after which Avaya will release its first integrated Nimcat Networks-based product.

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