Sunday, September 18, 2005

AudioCodes Adds SIP capability to Media Gateway

AudioCodes has added SIP control signaling to its globally deployed, carrier grade Mediant 8000 and Mediant 5000 media gateways, which enable access to VoIP services from both wireline and wireless mobile networks.

The Mediant 8000 and 5000 Media Gateways address the High and Medium density trunking gateway markets, which are estimated to grow from $473M to $2.9B and from $177M to $637.8M by 2009, respectively, according to the Synergy Research Group.

The Mediant Media Gateways are deployed as trunking gateways for residential and business VoIP services in cable and broadband networks, connectivity gateways mediating between networks in various fixed-mobile convergence applications, UMTS R4/R5 compliant gateways and as Media Gateways in a SIP IMS network architecture enabling VoIP access from multiple access networks to a variety of SIP Applications and Services -- all on the same common hardware and software.

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