Monday, September 12, 2005

AT&T Launches Trial of Managed, End-to-End, Hosted RFID Service

AT&T will launch customer trials starting early next year of a managed, end-to-end, hosted Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) service. During the 90-day RFID service trials, AT&T will design, deploy and manage integrated, end-to-end RFID solutions, which extend from AT&T's IP network and Internet Data Centers into customer-premises infrastructure, including RFID readers, edge devices and software, local area networks, firewalls and routers.

AT&T noted that its customers have been using its network to piece together their own custom-built RFID solutions for some time. The new AT&T service integrates its services-network integration and consulting, IP transport, hosting, storage, managed applications and security-into a single managed service specifically for RFID.

AT&T today also announced that it has joined EPCglobal to help foster the adoption of the "EPCglobal Network" and related technology. The EPCglobal Network combines RFID technology, existing communications network infrastructure, and the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to enable accurate, cost-efficient visibility of information in the supply chain. As a subscriber to EPCglobal US, AT&T will provide support for adoption of the EPCglobal Network and in the creation of industry standards for RFID technology.

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