Monday, September 5, 2005

Alcatel Captures New Market Share in IP Routers

Alcatel secured 11% of the IP Edge router market in Q2 2005, according to research firm Ovum-RHK, up from 3% in Q1. The market grew by 7% quarter-over- quarter to US$315 million. Alcatel said its success is fuelled by triple play applications, Ethernet- and IP-based VPNs, and aggregation of broadband and mobile traffic.

Alcatel took 19% of the European IP Edge router market in Q2 2005, based on Ovum-RHK data -- up from 5% in Q1. Alcatel cited network deployments with customers such as France Telecom, Telenet in Belgium, and TeliaSonera in Scandinavia during the quarter and noted recent wins with BT 21CN, Be and Exponential-e in the UK, Portugal Telecom, and Auna in Spain.

Alcatel has also increased its share of the US$450 million MSWAN market, solidifying its #2 position with 24.8% of the revenue in Q2 2005 -- up from 21% in Q1, according to data from research firm Dell'Oro.

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