Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yozan to Accelerate its Tokyo WiMax Deployment with Airspan

YOZAN has ordered an additional $5 million in WiMAX equipment from Airspan for deployment of its Tokyo-wide WiMAX network. The contract, which was first announced in March, is now valued at $16.7 million. Airspan will commence deliveries in the last quarter of 2005.

The YOZAN project uses Airspan's software-upgradeable radio technology in a product packaging called MicroMAX-SDR. Customers on the network will use a range of Airspan subscriber units, including Airspan's EasyST, a unique self-installable indoor WiMAX customer premises device. The EasyST provides WiMAX connectivity to the MicroMAX base station and Wi-Fi coverage inside the customer premises via its integrated Wi-Fi Access Point.

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